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Old #1 Fire Truck Preservation Committee

The following information is provided to prospective Old Number One Board members as a guide to the functions and duties of the Old #1 Fire Truck Preservation Board.



The Old #1 Fire Truck Preservation Committee was created to provide for the ongoing maintenance, repair, transport, and preservation of the Old #1 Fire Truck. Study options available and make recommendations to the Fire Chief for the maintenance, repair, transport and preservation of the Old #1 Fire Truck, the training of drivers for the Old #1 Fire Truck, transport of the Old #1 Fire Truck by trailer when needed, and development of an annual fundraising plan. Additionally the committee will organize and/or conduct fundraising events and activities related to the above.


The Fire Chief shall be a permanent member of the committee. The remaining ten members of the Committee shall be appointed by the Mayor, with the consent of the Village Board of Trustees, from among volunteers who are either residents of the Village, or engaged in, or employed by a business within the Village, or active or retired members of the Village of Mundelein Fire Department. Terms: Five members of the committee shall be appointed for a term of two years, and five members shall be appointed for a term of three years. The Mayor with Village Board consent shall appoint a Chairman of the Committee who shall serve for a three-year term. The Committee shall elect from its members a Secretary and such other officers as it may deem advisable.


  • Bob Stadlman, Chairman
  • David Bruecks
  • Wendy Fraiser
  • John Gannon
  • Gary Gunther
  • Dick Hegerly
  • Karen Kobeck
  • Vern Lappe
  • Ray Mullen
  • Tim Sashko
  • Mary Yoho
  • Vacant




Committee shall meet at such times as the Committee deems necessary. Meetings are held on the Third Monday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Fire Station Headquarters, 1000 North Midlothian Road.


Ordinance 13-08-50


Ben Yoder

  • Current Vacancies
Position Number Available Term Expires
Emergency Telephone System Board 1 04/30/18
Old #1 Fire Truck Preservation Committee 1 04/30/19