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Police Department

Eric Guenther, Police Chief

The Village of Mundelein Police Department is CALEA Accredited-the Gold Standard in public safety. The team works diligently to make Mundelein a safe place to live and work by forming partnerships with its citizens and businesses. Officers are committed to providing the highest quality of police services to ensure that residents feel safe and protected in the community. Good customer service is one of the department’s highest priorities.

All police officers and community service officers are dispatched through a centralized 9-1-1 on-site dispatch facility. When requesting the services of an officer, please call 9-1-1. The police headquarters is located at 221 North Lake Street, Mundelein and is accessible each day of the year on a 24-hour basis.

The Mundelein Police Department's ongoing commitment is to assist residents in preventing crime and fostering positive relations between the community and the Police Department. Each member of the Mundelein Police Department acknowledges a proprietary interest in his/her assignment and his/her important role in crime prevention.

Quick Facts

  • Police Chief – Eric J. Guenther
  • CALEA Accredited – The Gold Standard in public safety
  • Main Station located at 221 North Lake Street
  • Non-Emergency Number: 847-968-4600
  • Ranked 52 Safest City in America in 2013 by Location, Inc. -
  • 70 full-time employees including sworn and civilian employees, and one part-time employee
  • Two Divisions: Operations and Support Services – Each is overseen by a Deputy Chief
  • Patrol Staff work a 5/2 - 5/3 (5 days on, two days off, five on, three off) 8.5 hour schedule
  • Successfully handle 25,000 Calls for Service per year
  • Dispatch Center is a fully function 911 center handling Police, Fire and EMS Calls
  • Service provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year

Click here to visit the official website for the Village of Mundelein’s Police Department.

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