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2017 Leaf Collection Program Begins in October

October 16, 2017

The Village's annual leaf collection program will begin the week of October 16 and end December 8. In order to assure leaves are collected by the December 8 end date, they must be raked to the curb, ready for collection by November 24. Leaves raked to the curb later than November 24 may not be collected.

Please keep in mind, leaves should be raked to the curb or the edge of the street, not into the street or over storm water inlets. If possible, leaf piles should be a maximum of 5 feet wide. If the leaf piles are larger, the vacuum will not reach the entire pile and the leaves will have to be reraked closer to the edge of the street. Parked cars must be at least 30 ft. away from the leaf pile in order for the truck to access the pile. If on-street parking is hindering collection of your leaves, please contact the Public Works Department at 847-949-3270 for assistance.

Sticks and tree branches must e removed from the leaf piles as this debris will clog the vacuum hose and slow collection. Groot collection crews will have numerous trucks working on a daily basis. The speed of the collection program depends greatly on the weather-rain and snow slow collection. Please try to get your leaves out as soon as possible and be sure to not wait until the end of the collection program.

On a daily basis, Groot staff will report to the Village the number of trucks working in town, the general location of where the crews are working, and the daily progress.