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Diamond Lake Preservation Kick-Off Weekend Planned

The Diamond Lake Preservation Association (DLPA) has planned a kick-off weekend-May 20-21-to officially launch Diamond Lake preservation efforts.

In February 2017, the Diamond Lake Preservation Association (DLPA) was awarded $30,000 under a $88,800 collaborative grant with the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission (SMC), Mundelein Park and Recreation District (MPRD), Village of Mundelein, Fremont Township, DLPA and homeowners associations around the lake. The grant provides $42,500 to cover expenses for the project and the remaining $46,300 will be generated from partner in-kind match funds and volunteer hours. The focus of the grant is to improve sediment and other conditions of Diamond Lake while building stakeholder support for its’ preservation and protection.

The components of the grant include the following:

-Shoreline Stabilization/Sediment Control efforts
o Naturalize degraded shorelines of Wilderness Park South, Mundelein pond
-Create and publish Diamond Lake Stewardship guide
o History of the 12,000 year old glacial Lake and local lore
o Phosphorus, invasive species, and weed control education
o Comprehensive mapping of Diamond Lake for inclusion in the guide
o Other helpful lake preservation information and water quality education
-Lake and roadside garbage clean-up
-Carp fishing derby to control the invasive sediment producing bottom fish
-Install signage for various Diamond Lake education purposes

Please participate either day by volunteering your time during the Lake and Roadside Garbage clean-up and/or the Carp Fishing Derby.

Lake and Roadside Garbage Clean-up Details
You can clean up garbage on any roads around the lake between May 19-21 using your bags. On Saturday, May 20 the DLPA will provide garbage bags at the Diamond Lake boat launch at 10 a.m. For lake clean up - please use your own kayak/canoe and nets on either May 20 or May 21. If you have waders we could use your help in the NE harbor. The Village of Mundelein will have a dumpster located in the Bill’s Pizza parking lot for lake and road garbage only from Friday, May 19 thru May 22. (No Fly Dumping PLEASE!! Just lake garbage.)

Carp Fishing Derby Details
Using your own fishing pole and registered fishing license catch as many grass carp as you can and dump them in garbage cans provided by MPRD. The dumpster and check-in for Carp Fest will be 5 p.m., May 20-21 in the Gale Street parking lot.

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