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Mundelein Welcomes One-of-a-Kind Grilled Sandwich Business to Village

Mundelein is pleased to welcome GRIL Sandwich business to the Village—the most recent independent eatery to open in town. This unique business offers gourmet GRIL cheese sandwiches on a delivery and catering basis. GRIL also provides an on-site cooking experience with a variety of gourmet GRIL cheese sandwiches, sides, and desserts.

“Our diverse selection of restaurant options continues to expand and we are proud that we are attracting entrepreneurs who can realize their dream of business ownership in Mundelein. We believe GRIL will be well received by the community and we’re proud that they selected Mundelein to launch their dream,” said Amanda Orenchuk, Director of Community Development.

Located in the Allanson Industrial Park at 403 Washington St., the GRIL menu is homemade either by the owners or one of their preferred local partners. Many ingredients are all-natural, chemical-free, and sourced from local farmers, suppliers, and fellow entrepreneurs.

“Our business is built upon 4 pillars: Gratitude, Respect, Integrity and Local, hence the name “GRIL.” We are not only committed to serving incredible food, but also providing top-notch service and making a difference in the community. For every sandwich we sell, we donate one to a person, family or child in need,” explains owner and Chef Paul Patricelli.

According to Chef Patricelli, with the opening of GRIL he believes he has found his true calling. “We sell sandwiches with a purpose. We’re tired of children growing up eating processed meals. We need to support local farmers, local business owners, and other entrepreneurs who fuel our economy. Our children should grow up knowing how to at least make a grilled cheese sandwich with ingredients that are natural, clean, and not something that is popped in the microwave.”

Check out and call Chef Patricelli at 224-304-GRIL to learn more about his services or make an appointment to visit his location in Mundelein. Stop by or call in your orders!

Frequently Asked Questions about GRIL

Where’s the American cheese?
Well, here’s the thing. While we like the melt factor of American ‘cheese,’ it’s really not cheese at all. It is a processed cheese product. In fact, our farmers don’t even carry American ‘cheese.’

Where do you get your cheese?
A majority of our cheese comes from Cedar Grove Farms in Plainfield, WI. Their award-winning cheese is hadcrated without artificial growth hormones, animal enzymes, or genetically modified ingredients.

Who makes your bread?
Our main supplier is Breadsmith in Highland Park. We also work with Kaufman’s Deli in Skokie and Cacao Sweets and Treats in Grayslake. All of our suppliers work with natural ingredients and do not use additives or preservatives.

Can I ask for a substitute?
Whether this is your first time eating with us or you are one of our beloved regulars, any special request will be considered. While some breads can be simply substituted, most of the sandwich recipes leave very little “wiggle room.” But…we will do our best!

It looks like my sandwich has markings or burnt cheese hanging off of it. What is that?
Well, because we shred our cheese, it does tend to have a life of its own and find its way onto the griddle. We love that no two sandwiches are alike, though!

GRIL Customers Enthusiastically Endorse New Business

On the GRIL Facebook page,, the GRIL has earned some rave reviews. Here’s a quick sampling of happy customers:

“I sampled these sandwiches at a tasting and they are really good! I never thought that grilled cheese could be anything other than ho-hum. This is great food.”

“One of the ultimate comfort foods gone gourmet and oh so tasty! Recently had a tasting with GRIL and so impressed with their sandwiches. Love that many ingredients are sourced locally and organic. Liked everything I samples but faces are the Regulator and Nana.”

“We had GRIL cook for our party last night and it was a smashing success. Multiple compliments on how great an idea it was to have gourmet grilled cheese at the party, and even more compliments on how much everyone was enjoying the sandwiches! The sandwiches disappeared the second they came off the 'GRIL,' with folks eagerly anticipating the next sandwich variety. Good times -- thank you, GRIL!”

“Great sandwiches, friendly staff... a hidden gem! Go and see for yourself!”

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