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Village-Wide Resident Survey Reveals Positive Perceptions of Mundelein

Recently, the Village of Mundelein conducted a Village-wide resident survey to solicit resident opinions of the Village’s services, image, appearance, perceptions, and reputation. Fako Research & Strategies (FR & S) of Lemont, IL, developed, conducted interviews, and analyzed the data. The survey was conducted by phone and online mediums. In total, 441 Mundelein residents participated in the phone and online surveys.

Dave Fako, President and Founder of FR & S, gave a presentation to the Mayor and Village Board of Trustees regarding the survey findings and mentioned Mundelein’s sample size and overall positive survey results. “These are very high marks for a community-wide survey and you should be proud that your residents are engaged and responsive. The sample size is a good, representative sample, as well,” Fako explained.

Several categories in Mundelein received highly satisfactory responses from residents. 9 out of 10 residents believe Mundelein Public Safety (Police and Fire Departments) meets or exceeds their expectations. Additionally, 9 out of 10 residents believe that Mundelein is as safe as or safer than neighboring communities. Perceptions of safety in a town significantly impact commerce and economic development. These favorable responses can be attributed to the professionalism of the Mundelein public safety staff from the Police and Fire Departments.

Police Chief and Public Safety Director Eric Guenther was very pleased residents think highly of the police and fire departments. "Customer service has to be at the forefront of public safety. We feel it is what our citizens both expect and deserve," he said.

Seventy-eight percent of the people who took the survey said the public works department meets or exceeds expectations, while only 63 percent of the people surveyed thought the public works department's street maintenance efforts are satisfactory.

"This is an area where I think we could look for a little bit of improvement," Fako said.

Mundelein Public Works Director Adam Boeche acknowledged the community's concern and said his department is focused on this issue.

“We are encouraged by the survey as it relates to some of our core services such as potable water reliability and snow and ice control, where we scored extremely high. We also recognize what the community is telling us about our local roads and will continue to attack the issue with our robust capital improvement program. Over the last 5 years, we have rehabilitated over 15 miles of road. This level of remediation exceeds many community programs and has been something important to us as staff and to the Mayor and Board. We are dedicated to completing more and more each year with the available funding through our Road and Bridge and Motor Fuel Tax resources,” Boeche explains.

Here are a Few other Key Survey Findings:

-The majority of survey respondents rate various variables in the “meets” to “exceeds” expectations. These opinions are indicative of a municipal government that is generally serving its population well, with satisfactory and exemplary service.

-The community favorable ranked various factors related to the Village’s appearance, accessibility, image, desirability, customer service and Village branding and communication practices.

-According to the survey results, residents rate their experiences/interaction with the Police and Fire Departments, Public Works, and Building Department as positive and favorable.

-The Village’s Public Works Department earned favorable opinions on most ratings related to sidewalks, lighting, snow removal, and professionalism.

-In fact, 8 out of 10 residents believe that Mundelein Public Works meets or exceeds expectations. 8 out of 10 residents also believe that snow removal service meets or exceeds expectations and 9 out of 10 believe water service reliability meets or exceeds expectations. Village Public Works services, and the infrastructure they provide and maintain, lay the foundation for economic growth within the Village.

-69 percent of people think the downtown's appearance has been improving in recent years, and 74 percent think the general appearance of Mundelein's parks has improved.

-89 percent of the people surveyed think Mundelein is as safe or safer than other communities in the Northwest suburbs.

-Mundelein engages in strategic planning and the results of the survey have helped to identify some areas where improvement is warranted such as: neighborhood street maintenance, the Village website, and downtown appearance.

In 2013, the Village made a promise for Mundelein to become Central Lake County’s premier location for entrepreneurship and known as a welcoming community. 8 out of 10 residents currently agree or strongly agree that Mundelein is a “welcoming community.” The Village has been positioning itself to be known as business-friendly and welcoming and the results of this resident survey is showing that these efforts have been effective.

“Overall, the Village of Mundelein should be proud of these ratings from the perspective of the favorable opinions, but also in the small share of the population that expressed less favorable views,” Fako concluded.

To read the full resident survey survey report from FR&S, please click here:

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