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Parking Study Proposal


Over the past year, the Mundelein Board of Trustees has dealt with the question of restricting overnight parking on public streets. After some debate and input from residents, there was no clear consensus on a complete overnight parking restriction or unrestricted parking overnight. With no clear path forward, the Board requested a study on the issue of on-street parking relative to public safety and the parking needs of the residents.

The completed study, prepared by the Police Department and Administrative Department staff, was presented to the Village Board of Trustees at the November 14, 2016 board meeting. The study findings indicated that certain streets were too narrow for public safety vehicles to pass with parked cars on the street. The study recommendation is to limit on-street parking on streets where the widest public safety vehicle is unable to pass by parked cars. Based on this criteria, staff recommended to institute an on-street parking ban or limited ban on 21 streets, affecting 60 street segments (blocks).

List of Streets Impacted

Maps of Streets Impacted

The study was performed in two phases:

Phase I involved a full review of the parking code to correct the existing parking restrictions by removing errors and redundancies and organized the parking restrictions into logical categories. These categories include: permanently restricted parking, permit parking, time-restricted permit parking, time-restricted parking, and parking restrictions near Mundelein and Carmel Catholic High Schools. Phase I did not propose to add or remove any existing parking restrictions within the Village.

Phase II considered the need for additional parking restrictions within the Village. This phase involved measuring and verifying the widths of hundreds of street segments within Mundelein and performing ease-of-access tests using the Village’s largest emergency vehicles. Ultimately, staff determined that parking on the more narrow streets within the Village posed a potential public safety hazard. This led to a proposed Mundelein public safety parking standard. The details of this standard are explained below.

The Proposed Mundelein Public Safety Parking Standard

The proposed Mundelein public safety parking standard was created to ensure that all of the Village’s public safety vehicles can access the entire Village during emergencies. Based on the results of the ease-of-access tests for the Village’s largest emergency vehicles, it was determined that streets less than 24 feet wide need further restrictions. Street widths were measured from the unapproved parking surface on one side of the street to the unapproved parking surface on the other side of the street.

Street Width Parking Restriction
20 feet or less No parking on street
Greater than 20 feet but less than 24 feet Parking limited to one side of the street
24 feet or greater Parking permitted on both sides of the street

Streets less than 24 feet wide, but at least 20 feet wide, should be restricted to one-sided parking. Streets below 20 feet in width should be restricted to ban parking on both sides. Staff established 7 feet as the minimum width necessary for parallel parking space. The measurement was based on average vehicle widths and design standards for on-street (parallel) parking space in other municipalities, including the City of Chicago.

The Village’s largest public safety vehicle is 9 feet 9 inches wide (image), thus requiring at least 10 feet of clearance to pass between parked vehicles. For streets that allow parking on both sides under this proposal (7 feet on each side for parking and 10 feet of clearance), a total of 24 feet will be the required minimum width. Please see the images below for real-life photographs of this standard.

Minimum street width for parking allowed on both sides (24'):

Minimum street width for parking allowed on only one side (20'):

Community Impact

During Phase 2 of the village parking study, staff verified the width of nearly 500 street segments within the Village. Of these nearly 500 street segments, 98 were verified to be less than 24 feet wide. Of those 98 street segments, 38 already have appropriate restrictions in place. After removing the 38 street segments that already have appropriate parking restrictions in place, 60 street segments remain for further restrictions. Of the 60 remaining, 44 street segments are between 20 feet to 23 feet 11 inches wide (needing one-side parking restrictions), and 16 street segments are less than 20 feet wide (needing parking restrictions on both sides). Please click here for a list of the 60 street segments that would need additional parking restrictions under this proposal. To view maps illustrating these proposed public safety restrictions, please click here.

Public Comment

The Village Board and staff would like to hear from Mundelein residents regarding their opinions about the adoption of the proposed public safety parking standard. The Village Board and staff will accept public comment about the proposed public safety standard through the Village website until March 2017. To provide feedback regarding the adoption of the proposed public safety standard, please click here.