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Streets Impacted

Parking Study Proposal
  Street Name From Street To Street Width Proposed Restriction
1 Aberdeen Ln Banbury Rd Killarney Pass Dr 21' One-Side (West)
2 Aberdeen Ln Killarney Pass Dr Highland Rd 21' One-Side (West)
3 Arbour Ct Wildwood Av Greenwood Av 20' 9" One-Side (South)
4 Arbour Ct Greenwood Av Norton Av 18' Both Sides
5 Braeburn Rd Midlothian Rd Highland Rd 18' Both Sides
6 Dublin Dr Lucerne Ct Beach Pl 23' 4" One-Side (North)
7 Dublin Dr Firth Rd Lucerne Ct 23' 8" One-Side (North)
8 Dublin Dr N Midlothian Rd Highland Rd 23' 6" One-Side (North)
9 Dunbar Rd Dairy Ln Banbury Rd 21' One-Side (North)
10 Dunbar Rd Dunleer Dr Dairy Ln 21' One-Side (South)
11 Dunbar Rd Banbury Rd US 45 21' One-Side (North)
12 Dunbar Rd Banbury Rd Dunleer Dr 21' One-Side (North)
13 Edgemont St Lomond Dr Granville Av 20'6" One-Side (South)
14 Edgemont St Granville Av Ridgeland Av 20'6" One-Side (South)
15 Edgemont St Ridgeland Av US 45 N Lake St 20'6" One-Side (South)
16 SW Garfield Av Woodlawn Dr North Shore Dr 19'10" Both Sides
17 Grace Av IL 176 E Maple Av E Park St 21'4" One-Side (East)
18 Granville Av Edgemont St Laramie St 21'6" One-Side (West)
19 Highland Rd Dublin Dr Raleigh Rd 18'8" Both Sides
20 Highland Rd Killarney Pass Dr Aberdeen Ln 18'8" Both Sides
21 Highland Rd Aberdeen Ln Braeburn Rd 18'8" Both Sides
22 Highland Rd Braeburn Rd Dublin Dr 18'8" Both Sides
23 Killarney Pass Cr Lomond Dr End 23'10" One-Side (North)
24 Killarney Pass Dr Aberdeen Ln Lomond Dr 23'10" One-Side (North)
25 Killarney Pass Dr Highland Rd Aberdeen Ln 23'10" One-Side (North)
26 Killarney Pass Dr N Midlothian Rd Highland Rd 23'10" One-Side (North)
27 S Lake Ter Lakeview Dr End 20' One-Side (East)
28 S Lake Ter North Shore Dr Lakeview Dr 20' One-Side (East)
29 Lawrence Dr Shady Ln End 18'11" Both Sides
30 Maplewood Av Diamond Lake Rd End 20'7" One-Side (North)
31 North Shore Dr S Lincoln Av S Lake Ter 20'6" One-Side (South)
32 North Shore Dr S Prairie Av SW Garfield Av 20'6" One-Side (South)
33 North Shore Dr SW Garfield Av SE Garfield Av 20'6" One-Side (South)
34 North Shore Dr S Lake Ter US 45 S Lake St 20'6" One-Side (South)
35 Norton Av Arbour Ct Glendale Pl 22'6" One-Side (West)
36 Norton Av IL 176 E Maple Av Arbour Ct 22'6" One-Side (West)
37 E Oak St Linden Av S Hawthorne Blvd 21'4" One-Side (South)
38 E Orchard St Midland Av Linden Av 21'2" One-Side (South)
39 E Orchard St Archer Av Midland Av 21'2" One-Side (South)
40 Racine Pl NW Holcomb Dr NE Holcomb Dr 19'10" Both Sides
41 Raleigh Rd Highland Rd Firth Rd 23'10" One-Side (South)
42 Ridgeland Av Edgemont St Laramie St 19'6" Both Sides
43 Ridgeland Av Laramie St Lyndale St 19'6" Both Sides
44 Simpson Dr Shady Ln End 15'10" Both Sides
45 South St Oakdale Av Crane Av 19'6" Both Sides
46 Sunset Ln SW Garfield Av End 17'7" Both Sides
47 Sunset Ln S Lake Ter End 16'8" Both Sides
48 Walker Pl NE Holcomb Dr Cul-de-sac 19'7" Both Sides
49 Walnut Ct E Orchard St S Chicago Av 22' One-Side (West)
50 Walnut St Allanson Rd Agnes Av 20'6" One-Side (East)
51 Wellington Av N Prairie Av Wellington Ct 20'2" One-Side (South)
52 Wellington Av Wellington Ct US 45 N Lake St 20'2" One-Side (South)
53 Wellington Ct Wellington Av Wellington Av 20'4" One-Side (West)
54 Wellington Ct Wellington Av End 20'4" One-Side (West)
55 Wildwood Av Arbour Ct Glendale Pl 18'10" Both Sides
56 Woodlawn Dr W Hawthorne Blvd S Prairie Av 21' One-Side (South)
57 Woodlawn Dr S Prairie Av SW Garfield Av 21' One-Side (South)
58 Woodlawn Dr SW Garfield Av S Lincoln Av 21' One-Side (South)
59 Woodlawn Dr S Lincoln Av US 45 S Lake St 21' One-Side (South)

For maps illustrating the streets impacted by the proposed public safety standard, click here.
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