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MacLean Fogg

“Help the Industry, and We Help Ourselves. Serve the Customer, On Time with a Fair Price and World Class Quality.” This phrase has been the founding and guiding principle of MacLean-Fogg since 1925. Through innovative product development and selected acquisitions, the business has grown into a worldwide enterprise with facilities throughout Europe and North America and sales of nearly $900 million annually. The company manufactures products that impact all areas of daily life. Nearly every time you ride in a car or turn on a light a MacLean-Fogg product is hard at work. At MacLean-Fogg, we help our customers make the products and deliver the services synonymous with modern life. MacLean-Fogg has state-of-the-art processes and factories around the world. We are proud that MacLean-Fogg has chosen to call Mundelein “home” for over 50 years!