Business Incentive Grant (BIG) Program

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BIG Program

Moving Mundelein Forward

Mundelein’s Big Incentive Grant (BIG) program provides matching funds to enhance and/or beautify businesses in the Village. All work and participation in the program must be pre-approved by Mundelein’s Community Development staff. The BIG program incentivizes community revitalization. The intent is to promote a healthy business environment and increase the overall aesthetic experience in Mundelein. All business properties in the Village are eligible to apply for grant funds.

$100,000 is a Very BIG Deal

The Mundelein Village Board of Trustees has budgeted $100,000 for business and property owners to use to improve Mundelein’s business climate and the overall look of our community. This BIG program gives businesses the opportunity to partner with the Village for matching funds. It’s a Win for Business...a Win for Mundelein!

The BIG Program at a Glance

$100,000 available to business and property owners to invest in their businesses. Under the program, the Village will reimburse owners up to 50% of the cost of making eligible exterior and some interior improvements to their property, up to a maximum grant amount (currently the maximum grant amount from the Village is $25,000).

The BIG program is set-up as a matching grant program. Interior and Exterior Improvements are eligible.

BIG Program to Date

Mundelein’s Business Incentive Grant (BIG) Program continues to exceed expectations. The Board of Trustees approved this program in 2015, budgeting $100,000 annually. Since the program’s inception, nearly 50 businesses have received BIG Program funds. The Village of Mundelein has awarded more than half a million dollars in BIG Program grants, bringing the combined investment to approximately $2.7 million since 2015.


Please contact Amanda Orenchuk, Director of Community Development, at 847-949-3282.