Restaurant Status Updates

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In times of crisis, food is often connected to the healing. Right now, Mundelein restaurants are hurting in unprecedented ways. In response to the mandatory closure of dining in, many of our restaurants have made the switch to pickup and delivery, some offering the services for the first time. Please support our local businesses in this time of need. 

Below is a list of Mundelein restaurants OPEN for business and offering takeout and/or delivery options. Some restaurants may have limited hours and a third-party app may be required for delivery services. Please visit a restaurant's website for more detailed information.

Don't see your business? Has your business's status changed? Let the Village know by sending a message to

 Restaurant  Takeout  Delivery   Phone  Website
 Ararat     847-566-9755   Ararat
 Area Coffee & General Store   X  847-393-7519   Area Coffee & General Store
 Azteca Restaurant   X  847-566-0001   Azteca Restaurant 
 Bills Pizza & Pub ✔    847-566-5380   Bill's Pizza & Pub 
 Blue House Korean Barbecue   X  847-566-4200   Blue House Korean Barbecue
 Burger King (Midlothian Road)      847-970-7537    Burger King (Midlothian Road)
 Burger King (Route 45)     847-566-6420   Burger King (Route 45)
 Carnitas Don Chuy   X  224-433-3889   Carnitas Don Chuy
 China Court     847-566-8363   China Court
 Culver's   X   847-566-6900    Culver's
 Dairy Queen Mundelein   X  847-566-8560   Dairy Queen Mundelein
 Domino's Pizza     847-949-7770   Dominos
 Dover Straits   X  847-949-1550   Dover Straits 
 Dragon Star     847-837-8868   Dragon Star 
 Dunkin' Donuts (Route 45)     224-864-4959   Dunkin' Donuts (Route 45) 
 Dunkin' Donuts (Route 83)     847-566-6500   Dunkin' Donuts (Route 83)
 El Barrio   X  847-566-0475   El Barrio
 Elly's Pancake House   X  847-837-8100   Elly's Pancake House
 Emil's Sports Bar and Pizza     847-566-8879   Emil's Sports Bar and Pizza
 Empire Buffet   X  847-970-7883   Empire Buffet 
 Franks for the Memories   X  847-949-9464   Franks for the Memories 
 Gale Street Inn   X  847-566-1090   Gale Street Inn
 Golden Kitchen     847-393-7366   Golden Kitchen
 Greg's Custard   X  847-837-4175   Greg's Custard
 Hitz Pizza ✔    847-362-0505   Hitz Pizza 
 Hong Kong Chop Suey     847-949-9019   Hong Kong Chop Suey 
 Jimmy John's     847-970-7827   Jimmy John's 
 Karma Restaurant   X  847-949-5100   Karma Restaurant 
 Lauretta's Italian Bake Shop   X  847-566-0883   Lauretta's Italian Bake Shop 
 Little Caesar's     847-566-7784   Little Caesar's 
 Los Magueyes Mexican Grill   X  224-475-0574   Los Magueyes Mexican Grill 
 Lucky Burger and Grill     224-513-5624   Lucky Burger and Grill 
 Luigi's Ristorante Italiano     847-837-1200   Luigi's Ristorante Italiano
 Luke's of Mundelein   X  847-566-9798   Luke's of Mundelein 
 Mambo Italiano     847-281-9100   Mambo Italiano 
 Mauri's     847-949-0950   Mauri's
 Maya's Restaurant ✔  ✔  224-360-6960   Maya's Restaurant 
 McDonald's (Route 45)     847-566-7100   McDonald's (Route 45)
 McDonald's (Route 83)     847-949-7007   McDonald's (Route 83) 
 McDonald's (Route 60)     847-949-1590   McDonald's (Route 60)
 Monica's Mexican Restaurant   X  847-566-0033   Monica's Mexican Restaurant
 Nana's Rum Cakes     847-508-2081  Nana's Rum Cakes
 New China Chef     847-949-8880   New China Chef 
 Nikko's Gyros   ✔  847-566-7699   Nikko's Gyros 
 Osaka Mundelein   X  847-549-9944   Osaka Mundelein 
 Panera Bread ✔ 
  224-778-7800   Panera Bread
 Park Street Restaurant   ✔    
 847-949-1900    Park Street Restaurant 
 Pita Inn  ✔    X   847-566-8888   Pita Inn 
 Pizza Hut     847-949-0230   Pizza Hut
 Quizno's     847-837-0500   Quizno's 
 Rosati's Mundelein     ✔   847-943-9931    Rosati's Mundelein
 Royal Cantonese  ✔      847-680-8888    Royal Cantonese 
 Smokin' BBQ on 45   X  224-864-7964   Smokin' BBQ on 45
 Starbucks  ✔     847-566-2841   Starbucks 
 Subway (Butterfield Road)   X  847-566-8660   Subway (Butterfield Road) 
 Subway (Midlothian Road)   X  847-566-7327   Subway (Midlothian Road) 
 Subway (Route 45)   X  847-566-1400   Subway (Route 45)
 Taco & Burrito Express  ✔    847-949-8504    Taco & Burrito Express 
 Taco Bell (Route 45)       847-949-7880   Taco Bell (Route 45) 
 Taco Bell (Route 83)       847-970-5927   Taco Bell (Route 83)
 Tacos El Norte  ✔   X  847-949-9345   Taco's El Norte 
 Tamales Diana   X  847-566-3422   Tamales Diana
 Taste of Paris  ✔   ✔  847-949-9991 
 Taste of Paris 
 Tina G's ✔  ✔  847-566-8462 
 Tina G's 
 Tony Cannoli ✔  ✔ 
 Tony Cannoli
 Wingstop   X  847-566-9464   Wingstop