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Forestry, a subdivision of the Street Division, is responsible for maintaining over 7,500 trees located in parkways and other Village right-of-way. Routine tree maintenance includes insect and disease identification, removal of dead, decaying, and diseased trees, replacing trees annually, inspecting and trimming parkway trees annually, and Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) management.

In addition to parkway tree maintenance, Mundelein offers its residents unique services related to private property trees that other communities do not provide.

The list below provides some details on a few of these services:

  • Leaf Collection — The Village provides residents an opportunity during the fall season to rake leaves into the parkway (behind the curb or off the road) to be collected by the Village contractual waste hauler.
  • Tree Assessments — Upon resident request, trained Village staff will conduct a disease/infestation inspection of any tree on private property and provide a recommendation on protection or eradication measures.
  • Storm Damage Debris Removal — After significant storm events with high winds, Public Works crews will conduct debris removal throughout the Village, picking up loose branches and other landscape debris felled by the storm.
  • Tree Inventory — The Village of Mundelein maintains an up-to-date inventory of all publicly-owned trees within village limits. The Tree Keeper inventory is now available to view online. Residents can use the inventory to identify village-owned trees. The toolbar on the left of the map can be used to search particular sites, specific tree species, and ecological and economic benefits.

Mundelein’s commitment to building a sustainable urban forestry program has earned the Village Tree City USA designation each year since 2013.