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Street Division personnel are responsible for maintaining village-owned roads and right- of-way, ensuring safe driving conditions for all motorists.

The division is responsible for:

  • Approximately 105 centerline miles of roadways
  • Snow and ice removal operations
  • Street sweeping
  • Preventative road maintenance including crack sealing, pavement marking, and patching
  • Street sign maintenance
  • 125 miles of storm sewer
  • Downtown streetscaping
  • Contractual landscape maintenance of Village-owned property
  • 143 miles of public sidewalks
  • 7,500 parkway trees owned by the Village
  • Local Highways

While Village crews are responsible for the local roads, the State (IDOT) and County (LCDOT) manage the maintenance of the highways and arterial roads throughout the Village.

Roadway Responsible Entity
US Route 45 (Lake Street) IDOT
Illinois Route 60 (Townline Road) IDOT
Illinois Route 83 IDOT
Illinois Route 176 (Maple Avenue) IDOT
Midlothian Road (South of Hawley Street) IDOT
Midlothian Road (North of Hawley Street) LCDOT
Winchester Road LCDOT
Butterfield Road LCDOT
Hawley Street (West of Route 45) LCDOT