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The Water Division's responsibilities include the distribution, analysis and administration of the activities in the supplying of safe drinking water and ample fire protection water to the community.

The division is responsible for operating and maintaining:

  • Over 117 miles of water main
  • Four Lake Michigan water receiving and distribution stations
  • 1,800 hydrants
  • Two well water stations as standby water sources,
  • Seven elevated towers and ground water storage reservoirs
  • Nearly 11,000 water meters

Water division personnel also respond to water main breaks, performs hydrant painting, exercise valves oversee service connections, conduct leak detection/correlation, meter maintenance, and coordinate with Finance Department on water billing.

The average daily water usage of the community is currently approximately 2.5 million gallons per day. The storage capacity of the ground reservoirs and elevated towers is 6.50 million gallons. The Lake Michigan Water facilities were recognized in 1994, receiving the Engineering Excellence Achievement Award.

Backflow and Cross Connection Control Program