Peer Jury

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Crime among juveniles is better prevented than punished. The Peer Jury Program is a positive, court diversion process that focuses on the rehabilitation of non-violent, first-time offenders and provides a meaningful and remedial method of dealing with selected offenders without reference to the Juvenile Court.

Typically, when a youth is arrested, police youth officers determine if community service would be a suitable consequence serving as an alternative to either formal charges resulting in a court case, or a "station adjustment" which is usually no more than a lecture. If the youth successfully completes a community service task assigned by the Peer Jury, charges are not entered and no court record is made.

Accountability and responsibility are the primary goals of the Peer Jury Program. An outstanding feature of the program is the prospect of bringing together a diverse collection of adolescent volunteers who act as a jury of peers for offenders. The program is an excellent teaching tool for the jury members.