Northern Illinois Police Alarm System (NIPAS)

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NIPASThis is a police mutual aid system operating in Northeastern Illinois. The department joined NIPAS in recognition of the fact that natural occurrences, or man-made occurrences, may result in situations which are beyond the ability of an individual community to deal with effectively (in terms of manpower and equipment resources on hand at a given time).

The purpose of NIPAS is to:

  • Provide immediate extra manpower and equipment at the scene of police emergencies,
  • Provide for an automatic and systematic response of police manpower teams,
  • Provide for contractual responsibilities and liabilities,
  • Provide broad area coverage,
  • Foster a cooperative spirit for police emergency planning, and
  • Provide access to specialized manpower and equipment which no one department could afford to maintain.

The three primary components of NIPAS are the car plan, emergency service team and the mobile field force.

For additional information, please visit the official NIPAS website.