Ice Safety

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Winter Means Ice and Ice Can Mean Danger

We are providing you the following information as a reminder to keep this winter and all winters safe and pleasurable.

Before you venture out onto the ice this winter, there are a few safety tips and guidelines that should be considered:

  • Always obey “No Swimming,” “No Trespassing,” and/or “No Skating” signs. These signs are posted because the body of water is unsafe for use at all times!
  • If skating or snowmobiling is allowed on a lake or pond, a responsible adult should always accompany children when using the area. Lakes that are sanctioned for winter recreation are posted with a flag system to advise people about the safety condition of the ice. ALWAYS OBEY THE POSTED FLAG.
  • Never walk on ice that is less than six inches thick. IF YOU CAN SEE WATER UNDER THE ICE, THE ICE IS NOT SAFE!
  • Never walk on ice covering a retention pond or other bodies of water not designed for recreational purposes.

The motto for all ice outings should be: BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY!