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Understanding Your Village of Mundelein Annual Tax Bill

Village of Mundelein Mayor, Steve Lentz, the Board of Trustees, Village Administrator and staff, work diligently to keep property taxes as low as possible for residents.

Property Taxes

Approximately 14% of residents’ property tax bill goes to the Village of Mundelein. The other 86% of the property tax bill goes to other governmental agencies, including: schools, park district, library, County, townships, and College of Lake County. The Village has lowered its property tax rate for the fifth year in a row in 2019. The Village’s property taxes pay for many services - police/fire protection, street improvements, storm water management, snow plowing, and other such services.

Sales Taxes

The sales tax percentage in the Village is 8% on most items (excluding qualifying groceries & medical). The 8% is broken down as follows: State 5%, Village 2%, RTA 0.75%, and County 0.25%. The City receives approximately $8.6 million annually from sales taxes. The more dollars collected from sales taxes corresponds to less money needed to be raised from property taxes.